Meet Anbox – Best FREE Alternative to Bluestacks Android Emulator for Linux Ubuntu

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Last Updated on August 26, 2021.

Introduction to Anbox

Anbox is one of the best android emulators and a FREE alternative to Bluestacks for the Linux operating system-based distros such as Ubuntu, Fedora, Mint, Suse Linux, Gentoo Linux, Slackware, etc.

Anbox Android Emulator helps you out to download and install different android apps and games on your Linux box.

Anbox – Android in a Box

Anbox is one of the best emulators for Linux Ubuntu. Anbox’s emulation software merges the Android system directly into Linux for a seamless user experience. In layman terms, your emulated Android application will run as a native Linux application with Anbox Android Emulator – A free alternative to Bluestacks for Linux.

The overall performance of Anbox (free alternative to Bluestacks) on Linux operating systems is great.

What is Anbox Cloud?

There is also Anbox cloud, an IAAS provided by Ubuntu’s parent company Canonical, with which you can run Anbox (free alternative to Bluestacks) as a guest operating system in the cloud.

Watch the video below to learn and understand what is “Anbox Cloud” in detail:-

Canonical Puts Android Applications & Games In the Cloud
Canonical Puts Android Applications & Games In the Cloud

The Anbox android emulator runs in the same kernel of the host operating system Linux. Installation of Anbox the free alternative to Bluestacks 4, however, needs an extra kernel and access to the root user.

Currently, the version of Anbox is alpha and the installation of different android apps and android games is not easy as compared with the installation process within Bluestacks Android Emulator.

The installation of apps and games in Anbox is done by writing different commands in your Linux terminal. Therefore to use the emulator you have to be friendly with different Linux and shell commands.

What are the Features of Anbox?

  1. Anbox is Open Source and is the best FREE alternative to Bluestacks or other Android Emulators available out there
  2. There is no limit to Anbox i.e. you can install unlimited number of Android apps and games on your Linux machine
  3. Anbox is very secure. The android apps are put into a tightly bound box as they cannot access the data or hardware of the Host Linux OS
  4. Anbox is convergent. Anbox can run on desktop, laptop, and even on mobile phones
  5. Anbox is also integrated. It’s integrated tightly, to offer abundant features, with the operating system

Anbox Android Emulator, which is a FREE alternative to Bluestacks, acts as a layer between Host Linux OS and Android applications. The android apps which are installed in Linux run in Anbox as they are the inbuilt application of the OS. This makes Anbox more preferable over other Android Emulators for Linux.

How to install Anbox and Android apps and games on Linux

  • Update your Linux system before downloading and installing the Anbox Andorid Emulator
  • Add Anbox PPA to your Linux operating system and install the Anbox package and its dependencies
  • Using different commands install modules of the kernel
  • After installing, check whether the kernel is installed properly or not
  • Now, install the Anbox android emulator on your Linux
  • Install the Android Development Toolkit for the Anbox to run. Anbox is only a tool used for emulation
  • The installation of the command-line tools is to be done
  • Now, start the ADB server
  • Finally, install the Android app that you want on your Linux PC

Watch the video below to learn how to install Anbox the free alternative to Bluestacks for Linux:-

Running Android Apps In Linux With AnBox
Running Android Apps In Linux With AnBox

What are the Highlights of Anbox – Free Alternative to Bluestacks for Linux

  • The container system of the Anbox makes it more secure than any other android emulator
  • The Anbox android emulator can be used with any version of the android such as Oreo, etc
  • Anbox mixes it’s core element immediately to the operating system and puts all elements to an optimized compartment
  • To make a difference between the emulator and operating system, Anbox leverages technologies like LXC


Anbox is really the best free alternative to bluestacks and all other emulators for Linux. Whatever application is downloaded in the operating system it works as an inbuilt app.

Anbox is not so user-friendly but it can be the best free alternative to other emulators for Linux such as Genymotion, etc.

The excellent performance and system management make Anbox Android Emulator a popular choice for avid Linux users like me.

Optimization of hardware makes Anbox denser.

The Anbox Android Emulator can be used without any further thought.

Anbox Android Emulator – FAQ

Can I run Anbox on Raspberry PI?

Yes, you can! Follow the guide here to install Anbox on your Raspberry Pi.

Can I install Anbox without Snap?

As of 2020, the official installation method of installing Anbox on Linux is using snaps.

Find the Anbox installation for the Linux guide here.

Can I install Anbox on macOS?

No! As of 2020 Anbox is officially developed for Linux. However, Anbox can be tested on macOS using Docker as discussed here.

Where does Anbox store files?

Anbox stores files in the “/var/snap/anbox“. However, if you installed Anbox without snap then “/var/lib/anbox/rootfs” and “/var/lib/anbox/data

My Anbox can’t find service package. What shall I do?

This happens when Anbox Android Emulator is not installed properly on your Linux box. Follow the instructions here and here to resolve.

Can Anbox run PUBG mobile?

Yes! You can however all gaming controls might not be available as discussed here.

How can I install my favourite Android app in Anbox?

Follow the Anbox installation guide here to install your favorite Android app in Anbox.

Also, you need to download the .apk file of your favorite from apkmirror or other apk mirrors.

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