Best 10 Mobile Apps for PC to make Video collages [2022]

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Last Updated on December 27, 2021.

In the mid-80s and early-90s when there were no mobile phones, people would use to cut and paste their favourite photos with family and friends and were used to share these photo collages with their loved ones on social gatherings such as birthdays etc.

But, in 21st-century Video Collages are a popular trend in this world of social media, and they aim at piecing together video clips with different timestamps to give us a whole video which then can be shared on social media apps such as Instagram, Facebook, etc with our loved ones.

Whether it’s a vacation video or a timeline memorial, video collages are fun to watch and even fun to make. Picture collages are what gained popularity, initially the days of smartphones, and it then moved on to people artistically compiling videos.

As a fun, as it is to make video collages, finding the best apps to make video collages for social media, is of utmost importance to guarantee the best results to you. This article is going to be talking about the best android and/or iOS mobile apps to make video collages.

Which are the Best 10 Android and iOS Mobile Apps to make Video Collages?

Adobe Premiere Rush


  • The app has a simple interface that makes it user friendly to make video collages
  • It has a multi-device synchronization feature
  • It has useful editing tools
  • It is convenient to use and also has a social network export feature to export your video collages directly to social media apps

This app is the most commonly used as a video editing app. It is compatible with both android and iOS devices. The app helps create professional content. You can compile clips of different videos to make a video collage and to edit it creatively.

Adobe Premiere Rush provides various audios, motion graphics, and other editing tools. If you are satisfied with your content, you can upload it directly onto whichever social media platform using the social network export feature in the app. You can edit the video according to your brand. The rendering of the video takes a little time. The tools for editing your footage is limited.

Video Collages – Collage Maker


  • The app gives us a preview of the finished video.
  • It has a comprehensible interface
  • It has a wide range of editing tools

Video Collages Maker app is an excellent option for those who want professional-looking content. The app has many varieties in design and templates. You can get creative with all the tools provided. You have to specify the number of clips you plan on joining and it sorts itself accordingly.

Additionally, you can set your background to whatever you want like a green screen. Your audio clip can be inserted according to preference. It also consists of many emojis and stickers you can add in your video if you prefer. The app cannot be downloaded on a tablet. It is compatible with both iOS and Android devices.



  • The app has a large number of templates
  • It can join up to 6 clips in a go.
  • It has a social media export feature

The PicPlayPost app has an easy to use interface to make video collages from your mobile video clips. You can share your content on social media or messengers as you prefer.

PicPLayPost app only has a single version for iOS devices from 5.1 onwards. Regardless it is compatible with both Android and iOS. The editing tools help you make even the smallest changes to your video. You have various color options you can resize frames and much more.

There are 36 layouts for you to select from. This aims to make your job much easier and present the best video.



  • It has a convenient drag and drop options
  • It supports HD pictures
  • It features Import of videos, pictures, and music
  • It provides many effects and transitions

The number of editing tools available on this app makes it an ideal app to own. If you are someone who is constantly creating content that needs to be edited this is the app for you. you can trim the footage, add audio supplements and insert text in the video.

Creativity has no bounds and this app allows you to explore yourself. Your result is guaranteed to be perfect. The app is compatible with both android and iOS devices. The subscription amount for this app is comparatively high. It can also misbehave sometimes so you need to mindful of it.

PhotoVideo Collage Maker


  • It features an excellent editing toolset
  • It has a simple user interface
  • It has an automated retouching feature
  • The Pro-grade background blur is a highlight

This is one of the best apps to make video collages. it has a social media sharing option that allows you to upload on any social forum of your choice. It is compatible with both Android and iOS.

Photo Video Collages Maker has an amazing audio quality that compliments your footage perfectly. For better compilation, you can trim both audio and video. The editing tools help make the video appealing.



  • It features over 800+ templates and layouts
  • It has a wide range of resources
  • It is easy and fun to use
  • No subscription required

The app is compatible with both Android and iOS. The only limitation to this app would be the 30 -second restriction of collage videos. It restricts the creativity of the user and you will have to be very precise with the footage you use. It provides high-quality content. The effects and music features are impeccable. You can decorate your videos with stickers, captions, and more.



  • It features Transitions with 3D simulations
  • The app can function without an internet connection
  • It is easy to use

This collage maker is fun and customizable. You can tailor it according to your video preference. It helps in making quick collages and even helps you make presentations. If you have any last-minute work pending this app is your go-to. It is compatible only on Android devices.

Viva Video


  • It has an in-app camera
  • It is easy to use and free
  • You can edit separate frames of your video

This collage maker is one of the best free collage making apps. It is compatible with Android devices only. The frame to frame editing option is impressive. There are more than 60 editing tools you can include in your video. The only downside is the watermarks on the resulting video.



  • It has a variety of frame options
  • You can preview the resulting video
  • You can incorporate personal soundtracks

The best video collage app for Instagram users. It is comfortable to work with and gives you the best resulting videos. You can compile clips or use the footage to tailor the video to your preference. The audio quality is perfect. It is only compatible with iOS devices.



  • It has simplified filters
  • It has a multi-touch feature
  • You can export your media to platforms like Twitter and Flickr
  • The end product is saved in high resolution

This collage app is very resourceful for its users. It is convenient and easy to use. The app is only compatible with iOS devices. The only limitation is that videos can only be shared on limited social media platforms. The editing tools help give you the best result.

These are the 10 Best Android and iOS Apps to make Video collages with. Make sure you know the type of content you want to be making before downloading the apps on to your devices.

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