Best 5 FREE and Open Source Self Hosted Apps for PC [2022]

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Last Updated on December 27, 2021.

Any business, big or small, need apps which make its employees more productive along with minimizing the technology costs.

Productivity achieved at minimal cost drives any business to profit

– RightApp4u

There are alternate free and open source self hosted apps for PC available for almost any paid software required to run and operate your business.

You can manage your business’ productivity, projects, tasks, finances, customers, accounts, etc just at fraction of costs compared with the paid ones.

What do you mean by self hosted?

Self hosted apps are those software apps, technologies, or solutions which you as a business can download, install, and use on your own private cloud servers or in-house private servers managing them by yourself.

Most of these self hosted apps for PC are FREE and Open Source, however, to install and manage them on your own servers incur costs.

Best 5 top open source and free self hosted apps for PC

Here are the best 5 FREE and Open Source Self Hosted Apps for your small to large business:-


Mautic - Self Hosted Apps for PC - Rightapp4u

Mautic is undoubtedly the best FREE and Open Source Self Hosted Email Marketing software. Mautic is currently used by more than 200,000 organizations worldwide.

Mautic was bought by Acquia, the parent company of the famous Enterprise CMS Drupal in 2019, and it comes in 2 variants. Commercial and Community.

Community version is the open source one and its current version is 3.2 released on 7th December 2020. Commercial version of Mautic has been renamed to Acquia Studio.

Cost: FREE to download and use. Server costs start from $5 per month for a single 1GB VPS instance from Digitalocean or others.


Rocket.Chat - Self Hosted Apps for PC - Rightapp4u

Rocket.Chat is the best Slack alternative, followed by Mattermost, and you can use it for your small business to do live text, voice, and video chat with your employees, colleagues, and customers at a minimal cost.

Rocket.Chat, in my personal opinion, the best among many free and open source self hosted apps for PC to implement chat based system in your business.

Rocket.Chat has apps for PC Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and Web thus there is no need of installing an emulation software such as Bluestacks, NOX Player, Genymotion, Anbox, KO Player, etc to install and run either self hosted apps for PC on your mobile or mobile apps on your PC.

Rocket.Chat self hosted chat app is available in 2 variants. Self Managed and SAAS.

Self Managed is FREE, and SAAS is paid as your Rocket.Chat instance will be hosted on private clouds managed by Rocket.Chat itself.

Cost: Self Hosted is FREE to download, install, and use on your own private cloud such as a 2GB VPS instance on Digitalocean. SAAS options starts from $3 USD per user per month [*billed annually].


Nextcloud - Self Hosted Apps for PC - Rightapp4u

Nextcloud is one of the best, FREE and open source self hosted apps for PC for managing your business documents, files, etc helping you increase productivity of your employees hence increasing your business sales.

What are the best Features of Nextcloud?

Nextcloud is used by many big organizations such as Siemens, TU Berlin, North-West University, IVZ – Germany’s public radio and television, etc.

What are the benefits of implementing Nextcloud in my small business?

  • Host your own collaboration platform
  • Protect your IT investment by re-using existing infrastructure
  • Ensure compliance, security and flexibility
  • Know where your data is, who has access and how it is used
  • Facilitate secure collaboration and communication
Nextcloud Hub introduction
Nextcloud Hub introduction

Cost: Nextcloud, self hosted apps for PC, is available for FREE with full access to all features. However, to host it on your own server you will need a VPS instance, either from Digitalocean or others, with minimum of 2GB RAM.


ERPNext - Self Hosted Apps for PC - Rightapp4u

ERPNext is the world’s fully featured FREE and Open Source ERP software solution. ERPNext is undoubtedly the best open source self hosted apps in Enterprise Resource Planning domain.

ERPNext provides accounting, purchase, sales, HR, CRM, project management, etc features to help you manage your small to large business with ease.

Cost: ERPNext is 100% FREE and open source self hosted apps for PC to manage your business’ day-to-day operations with full features, however, you need a minimum 1GB RAM VPS instance from either Digitalocean or any other cloud VPS provider such as Linode.


Matamo - Self Hosted Apps for PC - Rightapp4u

Matamo is the FREE and Open Source self hosted apps for PC which is an alternative to the FREE Google Analytics, and other website analytics software out there such as Crazyegg, Optimizely, VWO.

However, the self hosted version doesn’t provide advanced features such as heatmaps, funnels, userflows, etc. See the comparison between Matamo community and paid versions.

Cost: Self Hosted is FREE but yes it will cost you around $5 for VPS or shared hosting. Paid version starts from $29 USD per month for 50,000 pageviews of your website.

I am a co-founder of RightApp4u which provides genuine and unbiased reviews of mobile apps, such as VPNs, etc, and mobile games for installing and running on Windows PC, Mac, and Linux using emulators such as Bluestacks 4, Nox Player, PhoenixOS, KoPlayer, Genymotion, Anbox, etc.

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  1. What do you think about MyChat? We are using its free version and it seems a very helpful app with various tools, but nobody make reviews on it.


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