Best 6 HR Tech Tools [2022]

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Last Updated on March 11, 2022.

All departments, in your company, such as marketing, human resources, finance, accounts, operations, etc juggle their own respective duties.

Hence they find it difficult to deal with numerous challenges managing human resources performing different roles and responsibilities.

Technology has made the tasks of recruitment, payroll, and performance evaluation more manageable by using HR Tech Tools

Human Resource Software Tools can also help your company’s HR (Human Resources) department to get engaged with its employees.

​4 Must-Have Tools for the Human Resource Professional ​

Which are the 6 Best HR Tech Tools?

These HR tech tools can be adopted by companies of any size. It helps to get a happier and better-organized workforce.

1. HRMS (Human Resource Management System) or HRIS (Human Resource Information System)

Human resource departments have vast employee information and details for input, store, and track. The foremost common method of organizing these details or information is with a comprehensive human resource management system (HRMS).

Whether it is a software solution or software as a service, an HRMS is one of the right tools to store, input, and track employee details.  It stores and organizes data, like employee profiles, schedules, attendance records, and more.

Human resource information systems typically provide data-driven solutions that allow you to craft in-depth reports for the needs of audits. Most HRMS offerings, like Paycheck and Workday, act as HR’s central platform. 

These kinds of HR Tech Tools also have modules or integrations that enable you to access payroll, employee benefits management, employee performance evaluation, etc.

The best HRIS software that is widely used in India for payroll and onboarding are BambooHR, Exelsys, and Optimum HRIS. Zoho People is also getting adoption these days in India as one of the best HR tools.

2. Recruitment Software Solutions

As the name suggests, recruiting software helps you in the process of hiring.  You’ll post job ads, sort and accept applications, manage candidates, and more. It helps to save your effort of manually tracking everything by yourself.

The medium and small-sized businesses must check the pricing and features for the recruitment software.  Many recruiting software meant for bigger companies with large volumes of applicants must be properly analyzed.

Small businesses can pay more attention to a less expensive product or software with fewer attributes.

The best recruitment software used in India is Zoho, Workday HCM, Workable, Greenhouse, and Lever.

3.  Human Resources Performance Solutions

Performance evaluations and tracking aren’t just annual meetings between supervisor and employee. However, the goals and objectives discussed during the meeting are monitored and revisited the entire year by the HR department. To get the maximum from a performance review you as an HR team must build and create objectives for each individual employee.

Human resource managers can provide the tools to track their staff member’s performance throughout the year. It also helps to save notes and feedback for organizing both manager and employee evaluations. Various HRMS and payroll solutions comprise a personalized performance review module.

Widely used performance evaluation software is SAP, Oracle, ADP, People fluent, Employment hero, and Kiss flow HR cloud.

Best HR tech tools can be adopted by companies of any size
Best HR tech tools can be adopted by companies of any size – RightApp4u

4. Employee Benefits Software Solutions

While certain HR tech tools such as payroll software provide features such as managing employee benefits like vacations and more.

However, a robust solution can help your HR department to manage employee benefits such as paid days without work, retirement plans, insurance, workers’ compensation, and other perks.

The Human resource managers say, the software which provides effective solutions for managing employees’ data is the best but the experts say the software which helps to manage details and information in a hassle-free manner is the best. We recommend you to use such software for your HR which helps you to manage every small detail of your employees from issuing paychecks to managing them.

Using these kinds of HR tech tools the employees can anytime see their status and information on additional perks and healthcare features offered to them. The benefit of using software in your HR department is to make it easier for you to hire employees and create a working environment for them.

The best softwares that are used by human resource managers are Kronos, workday, BambooHR and Oracle PeopleSoft.

5. Payroll Software Solutions

The processing of payroll is quite a difficult task. You can make it easy by investing in a payroll service that operates on the internet.  This software is automatic and calculates and monitors paychecks, deductions, a paid day off, etc. You can even file and pay payroll taxes.  The human resource managers and executives can also report new recruitments and hiring in the system.

The software used by human resource professionals is Keka, Wallet HR, Zoho payroll, SaralPayPack, and HRMantra.

6. Employee Engagement Software Tools

It is one of the most important HR tech tools and software for various-sized companies. You can analyze and interpret the culture of your company. The software offers insight into the demands and desires of your employees.

There are many HR tech tools and software that will help to provide positive feedback to the organization.

Employee Engagement Software also helps to create the company’s culture. Various programs enable human resource managers to recognize rewarding employees and co-workers when they do good work. Also, other software helps to gather feedback from the employees from teams. The feedback whether positive or negative helps to improve operations and culture.

As a human resource manager, you would be worried about what you will serve the employees in the next meeting!  So, you can use various free tools or programs to know the feedback of employees. These tools will help to decide the menu for the next gathering or meeting of employees.

There are other options for employee engagement like the company intranet. Also, you can use various video conferencing techniques for engaging your employees in various functions. The employee engagement software also helps to improve your training, hiring, and recruitment process.

You can easily conduct effective interviews through video conferencing. You can also conduct onboarding training for new and existing employees. It provides the best way to communicate and collaborate with other employees of the company.

The various best software that is widely used in India is Lessonly, Limeade, GTMHub, Ascentis, and SnackNation.

Select the right HR tech tools as per the need of your business
Select the right HR tech tools as per the need of your business – Rightapp4u


Whether it is the least expensive or high-rated software, it is quite essential to do the research and select the right HR tech tools. You must select the right HR tech tools as per the needs of your business and its HR department. You must not invest just for the sake of saving taxes but invest in the best software as per your business requirement.

Find the solutions for making your routine tasks and chores automatic. Also, save your time, energy, and money by making day-to-day operations automatic. The HR tech tools selected must be user-friendly and must be easy to understand.

Human resource managers always want to stay ahead of the competition. Hence, it is quite important to select the right HR tech tools and software according to the business needs and goals. The software makes the work easy and hassle-free. So, you are required to invest wisely in the right HR tech tools.

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