Best 10 SaaS Apps and Software Products to create and deliver Virtual Conferences [2022]

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Last Updated on December 27, 2021.

The overall office working scenario got changed in 2020 due to Covid19.

The Covid19 situation has kept people inside their homes, but that doesn’t mean businesses and companies are not doing their routine work.

The business heads and their dedicated employees are still working so that the world economy just doesn’t crash, and the needy gets the essential stuff needed for living.

In many sectors, working from home has become the new routine. However, when you are working from home, there are certain constraints you need to overcome. For example – It becomes really difficult to attend meetings and conferences when you are working from home.

In such cases, video conferencing is the best way to stay in touch with your business colleagues, and friends, and get the guidelines and other essential chores through this mode of communication.

For the survival of the business, establishing strong communication is very important. And when the management wants to deliver a long speech or anything to a group of employees, it is not possible to call everyone and share their thoughts. In that case, virtual conferences or the project management tools such as, Basecamp etc., are the only ways to stay connected.

With the advancement of communication technology, it is now possible to work together virtually even when you are physically apart from your colleagues.

The virtual conference is quite beneficial as it is a money and time-saving method and through speedy and high-quality internet, you can connect to any of your employees at remote destinations also.

To make virtual conferences even more fruitful, certain software products have been developed by the industry veterans and entrepreneurs. These software products and SaaS apps will help to improve connectivity and establish effective communication for your business.

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Best software products and SaaS apps to create and deliver virtual conferences

ezTalks Cloud Meeting

While talking about the best software for video conferencing, this software will acquire a special space on the list. eZTalks Cloud Meeting is one of the most innovative software for a virtual conference around the world. There are lots of reasons why it is so popular among business persons-

  • It comes with an incredible screen sharing feature designed perfectly and it allows proper collaboration.
  • This software is also responsible for offering high-quality video and audio which are most important in a video conference.
  • It is also quite cost-saving for your business as the video webinar feature helps you to reach any of your employees in remote areas without paying a lot.
  • You can work on any platform with this software, like Windows, iOS, Android, and Mac. Thus, it is possible now to arrange a meeting from your laptop as well as from your smartphone.
  • The free plan of this service is quite interesting where it allows 100 people in a meeting.


As communication technology has been advanced in recent times, the development of effective software products for virtual conferencing is also getting highly developed. GoToMeeting is such a kind of software that will prove this theory perfectly. As the name suggests, this software will help people to get into the conference even when they are on the go. Here are some of the reasons why people choose GoToMeeting for arranging effective video conferences and meetings-

  • It is a platform that allows the user better customization so that your entire team can join in the meeting through the company page.
  • It comes with hosting webinars that enable 1000 people to join in a video conference just at a flat range, paid for once.
  • You will find automatically generated email templates that will help you to invite employees to join the meeting.
  • Often, post-meeting reports are important. With this software, it is possible as it allows you to record online sessions of the meeting. 
  • You don’t need to install any additional software to use this virtual conference software.

Zoho Meeting

The list of the popular software for video conferencing won’t be completed if we don’t include the details of the Zoho Meeting. The most exciting feature about Zoho Meeting that has excluded it from its contemporary is that it is not only software for video conferencing, but it is also an online presentation tool that helps to collaborate between software. Why choose Zoho Meeting as the solution for video conferencing?

  • This particular software comes with a camera-based video conferencing feature that helps in seamless video calls.
  • The free version of Zoho Meeting allows one host and one participant to arrange a meeting.
  • Sharing screens among the users can be possible with this software and the participants in the conference can take the remote control of the screen.
  • The free version of this software helps in one-to-one calls to your colleagues.
  • If you want to make a conference call among more participants, you can go for the professional plans that will allow more people on the call.


ClickMeeting is one of the best webinar and video conferencing software that can be used at any size of organization for their virtual meeting. In 2011, ClickMeeting was first introduced by an email marketing platform, GetResponse.

The enormous growth of ClickMeeting in the next five years leads them to establish themselves as a separate company in 2016. Their motto is to provide user-friendly webinar solutions that are flexible and enable the users to reach, attract, educate, and convert their audience. Key features of ClickMeeting include:

  • It gives users a hassle-free video conferencing experience.
  • Business users can meet virtually to discuss their strategies online.
  • ClickMeeting allows you to customize your meeting space as per your requirement.
  • Screen sharing and giving presentations can also be possible with ClickMeeting.
  • This wonder software can also be used for teleconferencing, whiteboard presentations, file sharing, video viewing, and so on.


If you are looking for remarkable virtual conference software, you can try Join.Me now. You can get access to this software from any type of device like laptop, desktop, smartphones, and tablets. Arranging a meeting with 10 individuals is initially possible which can increase once you get more professional plans. The most amazing features of this software are-

  • Along with video conferencing, this software also allows the user for a sales demo, easy presentation, etc.
  • You can go for the free version as it allows strong screen sharing and video conferencing.
  • If you want to arrange bigger meetings with more people, you can go for the advanced versions of this software.
  • This software is compatible with any kind of device, whether it is your smartphone, laptop, or tablet. It can also run on any type of platforms like Windows, iOs, etc.

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How many of you are aware of the most daunting video conferencing software, Skype? It is so popular that many companies use it on their regular work culture to arrange meetings and conferences with other branches, no matter how remotely those are located. It is available for free and paid versions. So, you can choose any of them as per your requirements.

Through Skype, you can make video calls besides video conferences and meetings. Here are the major features of Skype that have made it popular-

  • Calling from Skype-to-Skype is always free, whether it is local or international.
  • It is easy to make low-cost calls to the mobile numbers and the landlines domestically or internationally.
  • If your team has a Skype connection and a stable webcam or smartphone, you can carry on a conversation at completely free of cost.
  • You can also go for group messaging through Skype when necessary. You can send video messages, text messages, voice messages, and so on. 


Are you looking for standard software which is quite professional for arranging virtual conferences? Then, Infinite is the thing you were searching so far. It is a kind of software that has made virtual conferences super easy. With quality services, this web conferencing solution can make the experience of work from home quite worthy. Using this software is quite simple as you just need to visit the website and create your account over there. Now, invite people with whom you can organize meetings and conferences. The key features of Infinite are-

  • With this software, creating dynamic presentations with top-quality video is possible. 
  • Follow certain simple steps and broadcast the next agenda of the meeting globally. The events will be delivered directly to the desktop or mobile device of the receivers.
  • You can get personalized service while making video calls along with a customized introductory greeting.
  • You can record the meeting or video call and play it later for a better understanding.

WatchItToo (Re-branded as Newrow in 2014)

When it comes to video conferencing software, you need to install those on your device to get better functioning. But, you don’t need to do that if you work with this software. You don’t need to install anything on your device while working with this. It comes with free and paid versions for the users. If you go for the free versions, you can get 5 people in your meeting while paid versions can allow 25 to 50 users as per plan. Here are the amazing features of this software you need to know now:-

  • This software comes with lots of collaborative features, like text chat, screen sharing, etc.
  • Recording the meetings and calls and using those later for several purposes is possible with this software.
  • The special setting and the complex programming of this software can yield more production for your company.
  • The interface is quite user-friendly and that is the feature that enables the non-technical person to use it easily.


Slack will always be one of the important software for video conferencing that is used by the business houses. While it comes to a video conference and team message, this tool can make things happen in a simple form. No matter how remotely your branch is located, with Slack, it is possible to stay connected with all of your team members and carry on your essential works. Why Slack is often the best choice for business houses? Here are the reasons-

  • Slack users learn to streamline the long emails and make the business more productive.
  • The features like virtual conference and video calling, your team can collaborate easily online, no matter where they are located.
  • Sharing screen is possible with Slack and it makes possible to explain your ideas with the management and your colleagues. 
  • With Slack, you don’t need to send invitees or share any IDs. What you need to do is to start a call on a channel and people will join.


On the list of the most used software products for virtual conferencing, there is nothing better than HighFive to culminate in the list. It is a virtual meeting platform that enables people to stay connected and arrange meetings to take their business towards more success. With the following essential features, HighFive can help you to work relentlessly while you are at the work-from-home situation-

  • Cloud video conferencing is possible through HighFive where you can collaborate with your employees and colleagues more effectively.
  • The award-winning technology of the conferencing of HighFive has made it one of the best choices for the business houses.
  • With HD quality video and Dolby audio, the meetings are clear and productive for the businesses.


So far you get to know about the best virtual conferencing software apps that the small to large businesses can use to arrange virtual conferences using screen sharing, video calls, etc.

Using these video conferencing software applications you can improve communication and connectivity among your colleagues and also between the employees and the management which is very important for taking your business to the top position and for increasing profitability.

Business situations may change and can get worse, but if you know the use of technology, then you can overcome any kind of difficulties and hindrances in your business.

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