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Best 4 Tips on how to keep your remote teams productive [2021]

Last Updated on February 18, 2021.

The pandemic of Covid19 and its adverse effects had put us all in the lockdown mode, and one of the biggest challenges that all managers and employees are facing is to ensure the productivity.

Business Development, Marketing, Sales, Operations, etc. are a few most vital and yet most difficult jobs; and the current situation of work from home has made it even more challenging as being productive is one of the biggest challenge to overcome during remote work setups.

What are the best 7 tips to keep your remote teams productive?

Be efficient with time

We all know that time is money but it becomes even more literal when you are talking about sales.

That’s why it is crucial that your sales team is paying special consideration to their time, efforts and results.

Following dead leads won’t take you anywhere so make sure your team is devoting their time accordingly and efficiently.

Have consistent checks progress checks 

There is no one that is making sure that you are doing the work with in the amount of time that you would do it in the office as reports are mainly checked on weekly basis but making sure that your team has got a project or how many calls they have to make every 4 hours and till the end of the day can be a good place to start.

Make sure that your team is being as efficient as they can be along with understanding that right now there are a lot of factors that can be causing hindrance in their performance that are completely out of their control.

Motivation is the key

It may sound like a cliché but letting your team know that you appreciate their work and devotion along with the fact that they are standing with the company even in these tough times can give your team the much-needed morale boost.

Let your team know that they are valued and their contribution to the company is remarkable even when situation is tough letting your team know that we are all in this together can really give them the much-needed push.

Communication matters

Bringing your team on the same page is important make sure that all of your employees know what do you expect from them and how can they do it. Help your team if they have issues or if they are stuck.

Communication is the key to successful management and execution of the different strategies that businesses need to follow to grow.

There are quite a lot of work form productivity tools that can be used for better performance.It can be challenging to work from home for sales team but given enough guidance and support it can be executed effectively.

Right now, work from home is not a choice it’s just a limitation or condition that we just have to follow but make sure you have all of our working remotely tips and tools to get you and your company through this time.

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