Top 10 Alternatives to Bluestacks for Linux – FREE Android Emulators for Linux [2022]

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Last Updated on April 3, 2022.

The android operating system is used, by a majority of mobile phone users, all across the world. The operating system is influencing our socio-cultural life. With android mobiles becoming inexpensive day by day, people find it interesting to run compatible apps and games on their PC Windows 10/8/7, Mac, and Linux Ubuntu.

One of the first and best android emulators was Bluestacks for PC. However, Bluestacks for PC even in its version 5 is only compatible with macOS and PC Windows 7/8/10.

Note:- Bluestack 5 is not yet available for MacBooks and macOS-based desktops and laptops. I will update you as soon as it gets available for you to download.

However, there are some Bluestacks for PC Linux alternatives, Android Emulators for Linux Ubuntu, that are listed below:-

Top 10 Best Bluestacks for Linux PC Alternatives – Android Emulators for Linux


Anbox is one of the best Bluestacks for PC Alternatives along with being one of the best alternatives to Bluestacks for Linux. It is also a FREE android emulator for Linux.

Anbox android emulator is created specifically to download, install, and play android applications and games in Linux operating systems such as Ubuntu, Mint, Fedora, Suse, etc.

Anbox android emulator, also known as Bluestacks for Linux, helps you to download and enjoy any of your favorite android apps and games on your Linux PC. Below is a YouTube video that provides a detailed tutorial, provided by Novaspirit Tech, on how to run Anbox Android Emulator on the Linux Ubuntu machine.

Running Android Apps In Linux With AnBox

If you are searching for satisfactory Bluestacks for PC alternatives or specifically searching for an alternative to Bluestacks for Linux, then Anbox is a very good option among the 10 best android emulators for Linux.

The emulation software underlying Anbox Android Emulator merges the middle system assistance directly to the Linux for good accessibility.

Neither you have to think about the performance of the application nor do you have to think about the compatibility of the mobile app with your Linux distro which could be Ubuntu, Mint, Gentoo, Redhat, Fedora, Suse, Slackware, etc.


If you have been searching for Bluestacks for Linux or for Android Emulators for Linux, then you must have come across this name, Genymotion.

Genymotion Android Emulator is another Bluestacks for PC alternatives and one of the best Android emulators for Linux, but, it is PAID for commercial usage.

However, there is a FREE version of Genymotion available to download and use which can be used only for personal usage i.e. to both use android apps and play android games respectively on your Linux Ubuntu PC.

Genymotion Android Emulator, an alternative to Bluestacks for Linux, comes in two versions – Desktop and Cloud. The cloud version will run on the external internet servers, provided by Genymotion, besides your Linux operating system.

Running Android apps with Genymotion in Linux | Complete Guide

Genymotion, being one of the best PAID Android Emulators for Linux pays more attention to the needs of its consumers and provides more and more options for device configuration.

Android apps emulation is done without any difficulty in Genymotion. Pre-configured images of different applications can be found without my harassment. Genymotion also allows users to allot storage areas, memory, etc.

Genymotion Desktop version will cost you around USD 136 per year. And, Genymotion Cloud version will cost you – PAAS for 0.50 USD per hour per device, SAAS for 0.05 USD per minute per device.


Shashlik Android Emulator is also great among the few best android emulators for Linux and is suitable for you if you don’t want to download a virtual machine from your Linux computer.

Shashlik provides an incredibly stripped-down Android base that boots directly into the loaded app, but with a running activity manager and daemons so that intents still work correctly.

Conheça o emulador de Android para Linux - Shashlik

Shashlik’s performance can beat the best android emulators for Linux available these days. Shashlik android emulator is still in its beta version thus it might contain a few bugs and fewer features than other android emulators for Linux, which is the reason why Linux users looking for Bluestacks for PC alternatives for Linux opt for other android emulators for Linux such as Genymotion, Anbox, etc.

You can try out the Shashlik android emulator once before opting for any other android emulators for Linux.

Andro VM

Genymotion developers created the Andro VM program.

The Andro VM includes such a vast strength in a solo assortment. It falls under one of the Bluestacks for PC alternatives and the best android emulators for Linux.

The main motto of the Andro VM emulator is to satisfy the needs of the customers and give the best experience.

Andro VM - Bluestacks for PC alternatives - Android Emulators for Linux - RightApp4u

Connectivity offline is one of the biggest advantages over Genymotion. Whereas, in Genymotion, an internet connection is needed for the entire time to run an android app. It needs a stable internet connection throughout the process.

Android Studio

Android Studio (Google’s official integrated development environment, IDE, for the Android operating system) provides the fastest tools for building apps on every type of Android device. As of 2015, Android SDK is included in Android Studio.

Android Studio - Android Emulators for Linux - Bluestacks for pc alternatives - rightapp4u

The Android Studio provides direct support and documentation from Google. It is also one of the awe-inspiring Android Emulators for Linux and Bluestacks for PC alternatives. From playing games to internet surfing, it’s a new world for emulation in the Linux world.

Android Studio gives online tutorials and quality documentation which makes it more user-friendly for even new developers. You can get a seamless experience with the new android emulator.


Android-x86 is basically an open-source project developed by many contributors to port Android Operating System to x86 PC architecture. The main motive of the Android-x86 emulator is to provide top-class emulation facilities. The x86 and AMD hardware can run the Android Operating System without using the ARM chip.

Android x86 - Android Emulators for Linux - Bluestacks for pc alternatives - rightapp4u

Similar to Andro VM, the Android -x86 emulator doesn’t need an internet connection to work.

You need to configure and establish the virtual sandbox for emulation.

Inbuilt Wi-Fi support comes with the Android-x86, and mounting memory storage of android can be done quickly and easily.

Android-x86 is one of many android emulators for Linux used by hard-core Linux geeks to run mobile apps and games on their Linux PCs.


ARChon Android emulator for Linux doesn’t need installation of any kind of virtual machine because it uses chrome’s runtime and provides emulation directly inside the browser.

ARChon - Android Emulators for Linux - Bluestacks for pc alternatives - rightapp4u

The android emulator works in any kernel of Linux. The android emulator supports many android games. There are still some mainstream apps that are in progress to support ARChon.

Installation is easy. Simply download and establish the ARChon in your browser.

In the title, the bar writes ‘chrome://apps’ and then press enter. Select and fix the settings according to your choice.

ARChon can doubtfully be claimed as the only one out of many Android Emulators for Linux and Bluestacks for PC alternatives that run inside your Chrome web browser.

Andy OS

Andy OS is one of the best Android emulators for Linux and Bluestacks for PC alternatives which can take your mobile gaming skills to advanced levels.

The gaming app runs excellently on Andy OS Android Emulator. Apart from Android games, Andy OS has proved itself with excellent all-around performance.

Andy OS - Android Emulators for Linux - Bluestacks for pc alternatives - rightapp4u

Andy OS Android Emulator provides a satisfactory pictorial experience. Tech Critics claim the experience of Andy OS Android Emulator is nicer than the Android itself.

Andy OS Android emulator is one of the best android emulators for Linux and gives a good experience to be listed as Bluestacks for PC alternatives.

Bliss OS (x86)

BlissOS Android Emulator for Linux intends to operate your android application on your Linux PC. BlissOS is a product from a non-profit organization operating under name of “Bliss Labs” which has many other projects such as BlissROM which is an Android replacement for your mobile device.

The developers have developed a powerful emulator that allows you to run the Android application present in the play store.

BlissOS (x86) - Android Emulators for Linux - Bluestacks for pc alternatives - rightapp4u
BlissOS – Android-based Open Source OS for your Linux, PC Windows, and Mac

Bootloaders like UEFI or MBR can boot the system, which makes it easy to run on all Linux PCs.

BlissOS is very interesting to use and has outstanding performance over many other android emulators for Linux and Bluestacks for PC alternatives.

BlissOS is very resource-friendly. Security issues are handled by Bliss very carefully. No malware can hang inside computers.

Jar of Beans

“Jar of Beans” Android emulator for Linux is among the first portable Android emulators for Linux and Bluestacks for PC alternatives developed by XDA Developers.

“”Jar of Beans” is developed basically for the PC Windows PC 7/8/10 and doesn’t require any sort of installation. You can use it just by running the .exe file.

Jar of Beans - Android Emulators for Linux - Bluestacks for pc alternatives - rightapp4u

The portable executable feature of the “Jar of Beans” Android emulator makes it easy to run inside Linux and Mac using Windows Emulators for Linux such as WINE.

If you are on an old PC (it won’t be a scenario in 2021 though) then the installation might be harassing and time-consuming due to the huge size of the emulator executable which is of approx 200MB. However, the “Jar of Beans” Android emulator provides strong characteristics, which are mostly needed in emulators.

“Jar of Beans” can be downloaded from here. The emulator mounts the android storage device to the Linux operating system using WINE. The emulator is not being actively developed anymore and can be the last option among the Android emulators for Linux and Bluestacks for PC alternatives.


It is hard, but not impossible, to find out the best android emulators for Linux which are also Bluestacks for PC alternatives.

Famous Android Emulators for PC such as NOX Player and Bluestacks are not available for Linux Ubuntu thus a few Linux users end up installing old dated Android emulators.

This list is updated with the latest and most advanced android emulators for Linux which are mentioned above.

I hope these android emulators for Linux and hopefully Bluestacks for PC alternatives will help you get around the stuff which is to play android games on PC and give you a great overall experience on your Linux machine.

Bluestacks for Linux – Frequently Asked Questions

How do I download and install Bluestacks on my Ubuntu Linux?

Bluestacks is not compatible with Linux hence you can not download and install Bluestacks on your Ubuntu Linux or on any other Linux distros such as Mint Linux, Gentoo Linux, Slackware Linux, etc.
However, there are many alternatives to Bluestacks for Linux which you can check out above. I personally use Anbox and Genymotion.
Note:- Alternatives to Bluestacks for Linux are not as advanced as Android Emulators for PC Windows and Mac such as Bluestacks, NOX Player, KO Player, Phoenix OS, etc.

How can I run Android Applications and Games on Ubuntu Linux?

There is a software program called “Android Emulator” which you can install on your Ubuntu Linux and you can then run Android applications and games on it.

Which alternative to Bluestacks for Linux is best?

I personally use both Anbox and Genymotion on my Ubuntu Linux thus I can confidently say that Genymotion is the best over Anbox in terms of installation etc. However, the only benefit of Anbox is that it renders Android apps as if they are local Ubuntu apps. For example – your downloaded “Whatsapp” android app within Anbox will have Ubuntu window bars, etc.

Are there any Open Source Bluestacks Alternatives for Linux?

Yes, there are 3 major Open Source Bluestacks Alternatives for Linux:-

I am a co-founder of RightApp4u which provides genuine and unbiased reviews of mobile apps, such as VPNs, etc, and mobile games for installing and running on Windows PC, Mac, and Linux using emulators such as Bluestacks 4, Nox Player, PhoenixOS, KoPlayer, Genymotion, Anbox, etc.

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