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Download FREE DU Recorder for PC Windows 10/8/7, Linux Ubuntu, and Mac [2020]

What is DU Recorder for PC?

DU Recorder is one of the best Screen Recording apps available on mobile phones and PC. Now, you can record high-quality videos of your mobile phone and Windows PC screen of you playing games, live video chatting, video tutorials, and how-tos, etc and share these with family, friends, and colleagues.

DU Recorder for PC is one of the many useful mobile apps for pc to record and share tutorials, training and how-tos videos, product and game demonstrations, and business presentations. DU Recorder for PC comes with an advanced editing tool too to edit the videos before sharing them with others.

What are the benefits of DU Recorder for PC?

  • Simple and easy to use controls to record or live-stream your mobile phone’s screen;
  • Easy to take screenshots of your recordings at the time you are recording these;
  • Use the selfie camera to record your face along with the screen recording in real-time to record effective video tutorials, demonstrations, and presentations;
  • Easily convert your recorded videos, and live screencasts into GIFs;
  • Helps you to easily make drawings on top of the recordings using “brush” tool;
  • Add a customized watermark to give your recording a meaningful brand;
  • Edit and merge multiple videos and images into one single recording;
  • Share your screen recordings to social sites such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tiktok, YouTube and more;
  • DU Recorder for PC generates high-quality screen recordings of 1080p at 12mbps;

How to use DU Recorder for PC on Linux Ubuntu and Mac?

As of June 2020, DU Recorder for PC and mobile app is available only for Android and iOS mobile phones and for Windows PC 10/8/7 based laptops and desktops.

You can visit DU Recorder’s website to download official executable packages for Android, iOS, and Windows PC and install DU Recorder on your mobile phone and Windows PC to record high quality, clearly audible, and visible screencasts.

Currently, DU Recorder for PC can not be installed on Linux and Mac operating systems. However, to use this advanced screen recording app for PC you can download Android Emulators such as Genymotion, Anbox, and KO Player on your Linux and Mac laptops and desktops.

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