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Last Updated on November 9, 2020.

Both boys and girls all over the world are crazy for ball games such as Cricket, Football (also known as Soccer), Rugby, Basketball, Tennis, Ping Pong (also known as Table Tennis), Baseball, etc. Most of these sports have video games, built by amazing game developers, and one such video game is Fanatical Football for PC.

There are also many ball games which have country wise variations such as Rugby played in the United States is called American Football and has variations over the real rules of Rugby. Similarly, in Australia, a little known Rugby variation is played which is called “Footy” or “Footie”. Australians are crazy for Footie the way Indians are crazy for Cricket.

If you are a football fan like me and you like playing video games then you must have heard about this amazing American Football game called “Fanatical Football“. If yes, then you must be looking for an ideal ball video game for yourself to play either on your PC or mobile phone?

What is Fanatical Football for PC mobile game?

Fanatical Football for PC is an American Football video game where you can delight in much less complex and direct gameplay than in most conventional simulators for this sporting activity known as Football or Soccer.

Fanatical Football Video
Fanatical Football Video – Mouse Games

How are the Video game controls of Fanatical Football for PC?

The controls in Fanatical Football for PC let you play with only one gamer on the group. By turning the gadget back and forth you can make your gamer relocate that direction, while to do other activities, such as dodging, you’ll use the switches on the sides. To pass the round you just glide your finger in the best direction.

Fanatical Football for PC has stylish controls, graphics and also stereos that compel you to play for a while. The noise from the group makes it seem like a genuine football suit. Develop you all-star team and also begin playing suits!

Fanatical football for PC mobile game is one the very best football video games, available today, which has a great deal of functionality along with outstanding graphics drawing in individuals from worldwide specifically those who do not have time and skill to play football physically on the pitch.

What kind of games can I play in Fanatical Football for PC?

Prior to each round, you have to choose the kind of video game you desire to play in Fanatical Football for PC: race, pass, or net goal. If you select this last alternative you simply need to slide your finger on the display to attempt to kick the round over the goal.

Fanatical Football for PC is a basic, straight, as well as incredibly enjoyable Football video game for mobile phones – optimal for mega-fans of the game in addition to those who are less knowledgeable about it.

Since the control system of this application is rather simple, after playing the game simply when you can promptly obtain utilized to the features, specifically just how to play and also just how to make strategical steps. You likewise have the choice to pass and also evade a large rating also.

What are the features of mobile game Fanatical Football for PC?

Fanatical Football for PC is available to download for FREE and also has experience outstanding functions, specifically the graphics.  It has excellent audios that encourage players and also overview you via the game. You can likewise play in a champion. Among the very best functions is the group administration center.

In Fanatical Football for PC mobile game, you need to make your very own group and also begin the game on infraction and also protection with outstanding control and also functions. Additionally, it has real football auto mechanics.

There are likewise some outstanding controls, which permit you to do numerous plays consisting of evading your challengers.

Below are some of the top features of Fanatical Football for PC:-

  • Fast and competitive game modes.
  • Evolve your team with power-ups.
  • Choose your actions for each offensive play.
  • Carry out stunning tackles on your rivals.
  • Run and dodge to avoid your enemies.

How to download, install and run Fanatical Football for PC on your PC Windows 10/8/7, Ubuntu Linux, and Mac?

Fanatical football for PC is a FREE mobile game available only on the Android Play Store to play on Android-based mobile phones. So, it can not be downloaded, installed, and run on your Windows PC, Linux, Mac laptops, and desktops directly.

However, you can use an Android Emulator such as Bluestacks, Anbox, Genymotion, etc to download, install, and run Fanatical Football mobile game to play on your PC.

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Here is a detailed overview on just how to download, install, and play for FREE Fanatical Football for PC Android application on Windows 10/8/7 PC, Linux, and Mac:-

  • Download the compatible Android Emulator on your computer system. Find out which Android Emulator is compatible with your laptop or desktop. I personally use Bluestacks 4 on my Windows laptop and Macbook, and Anbox for my Linux Ubuntu desktop.
  • Follow the installation instructions for the Android Emulator software program you’ve downloaded by following the step above.
  • After the Android Emulator is installed successfully on your Windows 10/8/7 PC, Linux Ubuntu, and Macbook; open the installed Android Emulator on your laptop and desktop.
  • Now, if you have downloaded and installed FREE Bluestacks Android Emulator then you will need to a) sign-in with your Google account within your Bluestacks Emulator b) Go to the primary menu and click on “My Apps” c) Go to “Play Store” and click to open Android Play Store app d) After play store opens then search for “Fanatical Football” mobile game e) You will see a list of searched apps; click on “Install” next to Fanatical Football for PC mobile game.
  • If you are an avid Linux user like me then you can follow my guide to download and install Anbox – Best Android Emulator for Linux for FREE. After you have installed Anbox then you can download the APK file of “Fanatical Football for PC” mobile game and install it within Anbox.
  • Once successfully installed, launch the Fanatical Football mobile game, and play on your PC.
Fanatical Football for PC

Fanatical Football for PC – FAQ

What is Fanatical Football?

Fanatical Football is an Android mobile game that simulates American Football known as NFL. Fanatical Football is FREE mobile game to download and play on Android mobile phones.

What is the latest version of Fanatical Football Android mobile game?

The latest version of Fanatical Football Android game is 1.17 and was released on 31st May 2019. Fanatical Football is an extremely popular FREE football game on Android having 10 million+ downloads.

Is Fanatical Football Android game FREE?

Yes, it is. However, it has paid in-app products which you can buy to enhance your gaming experience.

Is Fanatical Football available for iPhone?

No, it doesn’t.

Can I play Fanatical Football on my Windows 10/8/7 Laptop?

Yes, you can play Fanatical Football on your PC Windows 10/8/7, Linux, and Mac using Android Emulators such as Bluestacks, Anbox, Genymotion, KO Player, NOX Player, etc.

Can I play Fanatical Football on my Linux Box?

Yes, you certainly can using any of the best Android Emulators for Linux such as Anbox, Genymotion, etc.

Which are the 10 best NFL football games for Android – Alternatives to Fanatical Football for PC?

  • BIG WIN Football 2019
  • CBS Franchise Football
  • ESPN Fantasy Football
  • Fanatical Football
  • Football Dash
  • Madden Overdrive Football
  • NFL Rush Gameday
  • Tedd Ginn: Kick Return Football
  • Touchdown Football
  • Yahoo Fantasy Football

Is Fanatical Basketball related to Fanatical Football?

No, it doesn’t. Both the “Fanatical Football” and “Fanatical Basketball” are Android based ball games from separate mobile gaming studios.

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