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Last Updated on February 20, 2021.

Nowadays, we all live in the world full of distractions – social media, online video, audio content, etc. Focusing on one particular thing or task is very difficult.

Forest for PC is a lifestyle app that aims at helping you remain focused on more important things in your life such as Work“, “Study“, “Friends, etc.

The developer of Forest for PC app, Seekertech, wanted to give people the time to focus on themselves through this app.

What is Forest for PC app?

In the hustle-bustle of our daily lives, we often forget to take a break, and digital media rush can be exhausting and addictive. With Forest for PC mobile app you can focus on the right things and the right time. It can be either focus on yourself, or focus on a project you have put aside, and so much more.

Download FREE Forest for PC Android App to run on Windows 10/8/7, Linux Ubuntu, and macOS using Android Emulators - Rightapp4u

How does Forest for PC app work?

Forest for PC mobile app uses the Pomodoro timer technique, which is a time management method developed by Francesco Cirillo in the late 1980s. Forest for PC mobile app helps you break your phone addiction becoming more focused and hence becoming more productive.

You can learn more about “what is the Pomodore Technique?” by visiting this interesting, informative, and really helpful article.

My #1 Method for Stopping Procrastination
My #1 Method for Stopping Procrastination – Pomodore Technique

The way Forest for PC mobile apps utilizes the Pomodore Technique is by allowing you to plant a seed in the forest to which you can assign a timer and within this assigned time the tree will grow.

The growth of the tree you planted is completely dependent on you, if you cannot resist the temptation of picking up your phone, the tree will wither and die. If you have successfully allowed the tree to grow, the sense of accomplishment is your reward in the end.

Watch the following video to know more about “How Forest for PC mobile app works?”:-


If you think you are addicted to your mobile phone, then Forest for PC mobile app may be the best productivity app for you to help you cure the temptation.

The mindless hours of scrolling damages our mental capacity in the long run. As an alternative, replenish your mind by letting your tree grow. You can do this virtually and in real life. The encouraging factor is simply the sense of achievement at the end of your task.

What are the features and benefits of Forest for PC?

  • Forest for PC mobile app helps you get rid of the millennial temptation called mobile phone addiction by helping you focus using the Pomodore Timer Technique
  • Forest mobile app can be the best mobile application to cure procrastination
  • Forest mobile app helps you become more focused and productive
  • Your achievements will be made into your own cute little forest within the Forest mobile app
  • The Pro Version of Forest mobile app allows you to plant real trees. Forest for PC app’s parent company is tied with the Trees for the Future organization, and they aim at protecting the environment
  • You can also plant trees with your family and friends

What are the best 4 alternatives to Forest for PC mobile app?

I personally use Forest Android App on my Samsung mobile phone to get rid of the distractions coming from mobile phone usage habit, however, there are a few other focus based productivity apps which can become nice alternatives for you to the Forest app.

Forest App NOT effective? Here's 3 BEST Alternative FOCUS Apps! (Donut Dog, Focus Plant, and Flipd)
3 best alternatives to Forest for PC app

Donut Dog

Rather than creating Forests you can make donuts.

Focus Plant

Why go to the jungle and create forests, when you can just do little landscaping in your own kitchen garden by growing plants.

Study Bunny

Study Bunny uses the Pomodore Time Technique too and is one of the best focus based productivity mobile app for students.


Flipd helps you manage and spend your time well using the same Pomodore Time Technique. Whether to prep for an exam or examine your thoughts, Flipd is there for all of life’s mindful moments, big and small.

How to download, install, and run Forest mobile app on PC Windows 10/8/7, Linux Ubuntu, and Mac?

As we already know now that Forest mobile app is available only on mobile platforms, Android and iOS, thus it is not available for PC Windows 10/8/7, Mac, and Linux users. However, there is a software program called Emulator which we can use to download, install, and run mobile apps on PC.

There are many Android Emulators such as Bluestacks, Anbox, Genymotion, etc which you can download, install, and use on your laptop or desktop to run Forest for PC mobile app on your PC Windows, Linux Ubuntu, and macOS.

Visit our this page to read in detail – How you can download a compatible Android Emulator for your operating system to download, install, and play Plus Messenger for PC on your laptop and desktop.


The Forest app has been highly recommended by many who have weaned off their dependency on technology. The app has a 4.6 rating on the Google Play store and was also awarded for being the 2018 Google Play Editors’ Choice Top Productivity App.

Use the Android Emulator to download, install, and run Forest mobile app on your PC to stay productive while working on PC, Linux, Mac too.

I am a co-founder of RightApp4u which provides genuine and unbiased reviews of mobile apps, such as VPNs, etc, and mobile games for installing and running on Windows PC, Mac, and Linux using emulators such as Bluestacks 4, Nox Player, PhoenixOS, KoPlayer, Genymotion, Anbox, etc.

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