4 Best and Free Stock Exchange Simulators for PC [2022]

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Last Updated on March 14, 2022.

What is a stock exchange simulator? 

Have you ever played “Madden NFL” on your Xbox or your PlayStation console? I would say, just about every football fan has simulated the NFL experience on his/her PC or computer gaming console.

While playing virtual simulated games on computers won’t make you a better footballer, it certainly will make you a far better stock and crypto trader. Paper trading is a concept, widely known within stock and crypto trade circles, that allows novice stock and crypto investors to simulate the stock exchange experience by buying stocks, cryptos currencies, and assets with fake cash. 

For example, with $100,000 in pretend capital, you’ll build a stock portfolio and stock trading test strategies without taking over any real risk. Want to ascertain how different strategies work together?

You would possibly not be willing to require the danger if your own real money would be at stake. If it’s Monopoly money, though, you’ll be more inclined to explore, gamble, and learn from mistakes if your trades fail. 

The goal of simulated stock trading or better known as paper trading is to enhance your stock and crypto trading experience and knowledge. You’ll learn to raise identify chart patterns and trends and you would possibly even feel a touch pang of pain when one among your pretend trades blows up.

Thus, a stock exchange simulator is a software app that gives you a virtual stock trading platform, faking the real stock exchanges, where you will trade with fake currency though as if doing stock trading in reality.

Some paper trading platforms are connected to online brokerages, which suggests you would like a true trading account to dabble in fake money.

However, most simulators can simply be downloaded and “funded” instantly and trading begins whenever the market opens. 

What are the key qualities of the most simplest stock exchange simulator?

The top stock exchange simulators chosen by our team at RightApp4u share a couple of common traits, which are as follows:-

  • Closely resembles the particular market. You would like an authentic stock trading experience when paper trading, so simulators must desire the important thing.
  • Buying and selling stocks in real-time is vital, so it’s important to possess access to more advanced securities and order types.
  • Many securities are available.
  • Buying and selling stocks is fun, but you would possibly want to check some more conservative strategies like buying and holding ETFs and mutual funds.
  • An honest and simplest stock exchange simulator will allow you to trade triple-leveraged ETNs and hold mutual funds for 40 years. 
  • Useful research tools and stock charts are included. What good is trading if you can’t do any research? Stock charting tools are a necessity for any (real or fake) trading platform, and it doesn’t hurt to possess access to conference calls, news reports, or economic data, either.
Practice Stock Trading without Losing a Dime [Free Stock Simulator]
Paper Trading using Stock Exchange Simulators

Which are the best stock exchange simulators?

We’ve listed the 4 best simplest stock exchange simulators below:- 

All of the listed stock exchange simulators for PC offer terrific platforms, but the highest selections on this list will have all the features a complicated trader can invite.

Thinkorswim by TD Ameritrade 

You don’t need an account with TD Ameritrade to check-in for Thinkorswim.

Just register with an email address and open up the platform, which contains a number of the foremost advanced trading tools an investor can find.

You’ll get customizable stock charts to not only track securities, but commodities like gold, oil, and gas.

The pairs trader allows you to undertake long/short strategies and there are scanners for stocks, currencies, options, and futures contracts.

The scanners are completely customizable also, allowing users to look for top gaining (or losing) small-cap by exchange or sectors.

Thinkorswim is undoubtedly the foremost sophisticated stock exchange simulator available today and it’s highly recommended for all new investors. get started 


Ziggma may be a next-gen investment management platform designed to do stock exchange simulation or paper trading easily. It is one of the primary platforms fully focused on helping investors manage their portfolios more effectively.

Ziggma’s portfolio simulator is a component of a set of easy-to-use tools which will assist you to build an optimal portfolio.

Once you’ve got linked your investment portfolio to the platform or created a virtual portfolio, Ziggma’s portfolio simulator allows you to see the impact a contemplated transaction will wear on your portfolio.

This one-of-its-kind feature allows you to ascertain how a transaction will affect portfolio risks, yield diversification, or portfolio quality metrics, like growth and profitability.

If you would like to check different strategies, Ziggma also provides a backtesting tool to run your portfolio over a selected period of time. 

Bear Bull Traders 

Bear Bull Traders is another best stock exchange simulator and its primary focus is on day trading education. An important part of this education is the real-time stock trading simulation within the DAS Trader Pro platform.

Bear Bull Traders provides training and support for this platform for members to urge started and offers to provide hotkeys and layout configuration downloads for a fast jumpstart.

You’ll also get multiple resources on the way to customize the platform to suit your own trading setup and elegance. 

Combined with all the classes for beginner to advanced users, members can start practicing strategies within the DAS Trader Pro real-time stock exchange simulator to urge conversant in the market and platform.

The DAS Trader Pro platform also can be used when a trader is prepared to travel live, making the transition from simulation trading to measure trading as seamless and easy as possible.

Bear Bull Traders also offers direct one-on-one technical support for DAS Trader Pro to all or any of its members. 


TradeStation is one of the foremost trusted brokerages within the world and it offers advanced trading on a customizable desktop or mobile platform.

TradeStation is geared toward active traders and charges a $99 monthly fee on accounts that don’t trade 5,000 shares or 50 options contracts each quarter. It’s an upscale platform, but you’ll test it out for free of charge by signing up for a paper trading account.

https://www.tradestation.com/TradeStation’s stock exchange simulator is complete with research tools, stock chart indicators, and access to the community forums, where you’ll exchange ideas with other traders. account holders can jump back and forth between real and paper trading on both the desktop and mobile apps.

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