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Know 5 reasons why having website is important for your small business in 2019


In 1998 there was NO Facebook, there was NO Google, Amazon was barely 2 years old, and there were NO Smartphones. But down the line, 20 years, as of April 2019 51.6% of world’s population, including 81% population of the developed world, has access to internet through their personal computers, laptops, smart mobile phones, smart watches, smart devices etc.


And, if your business is not catering to these users sitting on their smart mobile phones and gadgets searching on Google, networking on Facebook, selling and buying on Amazon, watching on-demand movies, sports on Hotstar, Netflix etc then you are missing opportunities, a lot of opportunities.

Below is a graph from wiki which clearly outlines the growing percentage of users online both in developed and developing world.

Internet users per 100 inhabitants - Source: International Telecommunications Union.

There was an article published by UN in 2010 that there are more mobile phones in India than toilets.

Far more people in India have access to a cell phone than to a toilet and improved sanitation, according to UN experts who published today a 9-point prescription for achieving the world’s Millennium Development Goal (MDG) for sanitation by 2015.


greater access to cell phones than toilets in India

Indians, despite living in a country where choices are necessarily limited, they opt for a luxury goods over safeguarding individual and public health.

Now, as a businessman you can clearly see why having a website is as important as having a product at first place. So, if your business doesn’t have an online presence and is not searchable on Google then how would these people sitting on their smart mobile phones will ever know about your business?

By 2022, there will be 829 million smartphone users in India, accounting for 60% of the population, according to Cisco’s 13th annual Visual Networking Index (VNI). Until last year, a mere 27% of Indians were using smartphones.



Who would have thought, in 1998, that there will be gadget like smart mobile phone with thousands of smart mobile apps like Instagram, Tiktok, Snapchat etc, running on it, with millions of users?

You must have heard of FlipkartUberOlaOyo right? Now, these businesses grabbed the online opportunity in real sense. Flipkart, Ola were started in late 2000s and their founders foreknew that internet in India is going to burst, in a few years time, as the number of laptop and smart phone users with 2G, 3G and 4G network was growing. From above graph we can clearly see that number of online user nearly doubled, right.

These 3 businesses are accessed, and used, via their own respective mobile apps primarily 99% of the time but they still have their own respective websites. Why? Because, consumers first search on google and then take an action like booking a ride, booking a ticket, any offer is going on etc.

Example 1

Screenshots below are taken by searching keywords – Uber, Ola, Oyo in Google, and you can clearly see websites of these companies come at top of the search results. Now, their websites validate that this business is authentic and all of its information can be seen by going to its website along with other linked websites.







Example 2

Let’s search something, related to a particular brand, on Google in this example.

“Latest offers on Uber”


Google finds the top website which gives us the latest Uber offers running during current month May 2019.

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For next example let’s search a random offer in some niche industry on Google.

“Nearest Chartered Accountant”


Google displays a map and lists a few Chartered Accountants near my place. As, you can see in the list, above image, there are 2 CAs, one has a website and the other doesn’t.

Can you guess who has more probability of you as a consumer visiting for accounting services? The one with a website, right? Because you can check everything about this chartered accounting firm – its founder, its services, its clientele etc.

By clicking the link of Chartered Accounting Firm’s website, found by Google, we get a website having pages such as ‘About’, ‘Services’ etc. Isn’t this enough for us to validate the business as authentic, active etc. So, having a website is valuable.


A website tells a lot about a business. It shows how much thought the business puts into its brand and whether it values having a website. Unfortunately, far too many companies don’t really value their websites and don’t get the full benefit out of them

Neil Patel, SEO Expert.

The world by 2025 will be running on electric, connected, and autonomous vehicles so is it important to have a website for your small business in 2019? Yes, because websites will always be there. A website is window to information about your business.

Five reasons why having a website is important for your small, medium or big business even if it is Local

  • Having a Website increases visibility of your business
  • Having a Website builds credibility of your business
  • Having a Website increases accessibility of your business by 24/7
  • Having a Website can increase revenue of your business by 100X (Hundred Times)
  • Having a Website provides readymade information about your business to your potential customers

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