Virtual Trade Fair – Best and Mini Guide to Create and Deliver [2022]

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Last Updated on December 27, 2021.

Virtual presence is the new mantra of the present time as the world had been locked down due to the pandemic situation of COVID-19.

The concept of working from home is going around the world and today, virtual conferences, virtual events, virtual trade fair, virtual exhibitions, virtual calls, virtual meetings, etc. have become norm to keep your business running.

The world has faced a serious tough time, but we need to think about the aftermath of it.

The world economy has faced damage on a huge scale. We just need to be strategic enough to deal with that damage and control it.


Nowadays, we can create and deliver virtual b2b events such as virtual exhibitions, virtual conferences, virtual symposiums, virtual trade fairs, etc to take forward our businesses to the next level.

Conferences, Exhibitions, Events, and Trade Fairs have always been one of the major ways of marketing and business development since industrial revolution.

Today, in the digital age communicating through virtual media channels is winning and becoming one of the magnetic forces behind the success of every business organization.

Among lots of other virtual marketing and business development methods, today we will discuss how can we create, organize, and deliver a virtual trade fair.

With the advancement of technology, it is possible to arrange such trade fairs and trade shows which can bring more profits for businesses.

Due to the growth of virtual events, like virtual trade fairs etc, optimizing lead generation can be more fruitful.

To organize a successful virtual trade show, the event organizers need strong content, product specifications, and also strong networking.

Though these are also present in the traditional trade fair events, the additional benefit of a virtual trade show is that it can be accessed from anywhere of the world through any device at any time.

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Mini Guide to Virtual Trade Fairs such as Trade Shows, Trade Events, Trade Exhibitions, etc.

What is a Virtual Trade Fair?

From the name, it is clear that a virtual trade show or a trade fair is a fair that is organized virtually.

A virtual trade fair is arranged by a 3D environment where technological tools are involved for the benefits of the global audience and one can access it from the comfort of their homes.

In the present situation, when the world is concentrating on cutting down costs of business and focus more on profit, virtual trade fairs are one of the best methods of doing b2b trade events online and free from the issues of traditional trade fair like poor audience turn out, difficulties in planning the events, restricted reach, and sky-high costs.

Arranging virtual trade fairs is beneficial as it can reach the maximum people at a reduced cost.

What are the features of organizing and attending a Virtual Trade Fair?

Now once you are aware of the virtual trade show, you also need to know about the essential features of it.

These features are responsible for making the trade shows successful for the organizers, exhibitors, traders, and other attendees around the globe.

Here are the essential features of virtual trade fairs that bring profits for the businesses:-

High-Quality 3D Designs

You know it well that the first impression is the last. While arranging a virtual trade show, this is the underlying truth you need to remember always.

Also, while creating virtual events your responsibility is to create an unforgettable experience with the 3D technology as soon as the viewers enter into the trade show. 

To prepare a strong and visually appealing trade show, you need to launch a rich and visually compelling landing page. Besides that, you also need to build a highly customizable interface so that the exhibitors and the attendees find it customizable and quite worthy of their purpose.

Attending the virtual trade fair eliminates the requirement to download any kind of additional layout and offer a completely personalized platform for a long-lasting impression.

Use Custom Designs to Promote Your Brand

This is the next exciting feature of the virtual trade fair that can give a boost to your business. Have you ever organized any traditional trade fair and shows in the past?

If yes, then you obviously must know how tiring and confusing it is to set up your booth and preparing marketing materials to attract the vendors to your booth.

It is literally a nightmare!

Nonetheless, with virtual trade fairs or shows, there are no such issues you will have to face. Here in virtual settings, the exhibitors can choose a variety of ways to brand their stalls without tiring their brains on the designs and layouts of their booths to set up for attracting the viewers. 

Attendees Can Use Live Chat Tools

Communication and fruitful interaction are the most important tools for a successful business. In a trade fair, the attendees get curious about your business and ask you lots of questions.

Satisfactory answers from your side can attract them more to your business.

While it is a virtual trade show, there are lots of engagement tools that are used to establish effective communication between the traders and the attendees. 

Tools like real-time chat or live chat platforms can educate people about your trade and also keep them engaged in your business.

One can get engaged in 1:1 text, video and audio chat to get their answer regarding the trade.

There is no more standing in the booths and wastage of time; rather you can provide essential documents as your answer and also participate in live tools to answer all the queries of the participants.

Keep People Informed about the Announcements of the Events

It is very important to keep your audience updated with live updates of the trade events.

With pop-up notifications, your audience will stay updated about the recent changes or any important information always.

Some tools can keep you informed about any latest information about trading.

Live Webinars Can Educate Your Audience

One of the major benefits of virtual trade fairs is that you can get a global audience in one place at the same time.

In such shows, you can invite the industry specialists and the eminent speakers to share their views and ideas with the audience to give them an outlook about the present scenario of the business along with the future. 

Due to different time zones, you don’t need to worry about the availability of the speakers and also the attendance of people in the trade fairs.

With the use of live webinars, you can keep mass get engaged to your show and also scheduled it as per the time zone to get more attendees.

Don’t forget to keep a question-answer session which can make the show more engaging and thus you can generate more leads to increase conversion rates.

On-the Spot Sales Are Possible

This is another outstanding feature of the virtual trade fair that can bring more profits to the businesses even in the adverse situation of 2020 and beyond.

Along with showcasing the products and services to the world, the virtual trade fair also assists the exhibitors to turn the global prospects into sales

What you need to do is just embedding an online shop to your virtual event and there will be no delay in purchasing and thus, providing a real-time platform for conversions will bring more profits to your trades.

This means, your clients will check your product; if they like it they can buy it instantly for the online shop available at the virtual trade show. 

Build Strategies to Engage Your Audiences

It is a virtual trade fair or show. If there are no twists, turns, amazing layouts and something interesting at every moment, the audience will not stay on your page.

So, you need to build strategies to keep your audience get engaged in the show and increase their stay-time.

To do that, organizers can arrange interesting games like a treasure hunt and exciting content to keep people active and energized. 

While introducing your audience to games, you can lead them towards certain areas that require more attendance and concentration.

Offering incentives and rewards can make this gaming session more exciting for the audiences and that is your sole purpose.

Check out the Event Report to Measure Your Success

Nowadays, you have to be technologically advanced to match up the speed of the business world. You must have access to real-time data to compete.

You will get a detailed report at the end of your virtual trade show instantly which will help you to check out the ROI and also build future strategies.

As an organizer, you have to request the booth owners to prepare a real-time data report at the end of the event and provide you with that as soon as possible.

Keep the Event Run Longer

It can only possible in the virtual platform where you can keep on the virtual trade show as long as you want.

This will send a notification to the participants about certain queries, booth visits, purchases, etc.

The organizers can also keep on promoting the events on social media to keep it a talk of the town for a long time.

So, these are certain features that make people arrange more virtual trade shows than the traditional one as the later one is costly and time-consuming.

Virtual Trade Fairs - Rightapp4u
Virtual Trade Fairs – Rightapp4u

How to make a Virtual Trade Fair or Show stand out?

Once you have planned to organize a virtual trade show, you can do that from the comfort of your home, or your office or even from the coffee shop near your house.

You just need proper strategies to make it successful:-


The international borders, distance, etc. are not barriers to make a virtual trade show successful.

No matter where you are organizing it, if your audience has a strong internet connection at their connecting device, you can keep them engaged to your show. Travel the world with your show without worrying about borders.


Differently-abled people or those, who cannot be present in the traditional international trade shows because, for numerous reasons, they can attend the virtual trade fairs through their computer, smartphone, etc. with the internet.

You never know where you will find your target consumers. So, it can reach the organizers to all.

Environment-friendly Method

Any kind of gathering can produce waste which is one of the alarming causes of environmental degradation.

As per recent statistics, around 600,000 tons of waste is produced at the trade fairs every year only because of waste papers and other marketing materials.

This increases the carbon footprint on the world and causes environmental squalor. With a virtual trade fair, there is no use of paper and thus the production of waste is reduced a lot.

Making your business green is a better option for the world to make it a happy place to live.

How to prepare yourself for organizing and attending a Virtual Trade Show?

Once you get to know the benefits of virtual trade shows, it is time to prepare yourself for a successful show.

With some simple tips, you can be a pro and arrange a fruitful video trade fair now.

Read on to know more:-

Think Strategically

This is the key to success for any business and related activities.

Technology will help you a lot in arranging and making a virtual trade fair successful, but if you don’t have the mind of business, it won’t stand out.

So, it is very important to build a strategy and follow it to create your objectives of the business. Thus, you can run for your goal.

Take the Help of Technology

In this business age you can’t take a step further without the help of technology.

You have to engage the entire world to your trade show, so you have to be aware of the technology that helps you to use it.

Check out the demo of any such virtual shows to get experience.

You can also contact any exhibitors or attendees to know how it feels to be a part of a virtual trade fair.

Develop a Marketing Strategy

After all, a virtual trade fair is a means of marketing your product or service internationally or nationally.

So, without a proper marketing strategy, you can’t proceed further.

Use your assets, like email, website, database, and social media as your marketing channels and figure out your target consumers to communicate with them through those channels.

Make Your Audience Aware

The technology of a virtual trade fair is relatively new and many people are not accustomed to it till now.

So, you have to educate your audience while attracting them with your advanced marketing strategies.

You need to explain the benefits of virtual trade show and also make them learn the use of technologies in it so that they can access the show quite easily.

Help the Exhibitors to Learn Its Benefits

In a virtual trade show, you need to deal with two parties- the attendees and the exhibitors.

You need to explain how the exhibitors get virtual platforms to promote their business, interact with their customers, generate a lead, share information about their products, learn about their competitors and many more things that they usually do in a traditional trade fair.

Besides this, you also need to explain the benefits of the virtual trade fair to the exhibitors so that they get interested in setting their booth in that virtual trade show.

Plan Appropriate Content

Content is the key to success in the modern generation.

You have to create engaging content to attract people to your virtual trade show.

For engaging content, you need to concentrate on adding keynotes, breakout sessions, etc.

Thus, you can invite your sponsors and exhibitors to your virtual trade fair.

You can use push notifications for reminding your guests about upcoming sessions and events.

Also, you need to consider whether the speaker requires training to acknowledge the virtual attendees.

Go for Gamification

You can keep the attendees engaged in the virtual trade show and arrange awards for them.

You can arrange games into the show and encourage the exhibitors to build strategies to win those games so that they can get rewards at the end of the show. Such small, but important additions can make your virtual trade show highly successful.

Make an Effective Schedule

Usually, virtual trade shows are organized for a day or two. If you are addressing the international audience, you need to maintain the starting and ending time of the show as per different time zones.

The attendees can’t be there for the entire day on the show.

Therefore, you can divide the show into short blocks and then open those for the global attendees for two to four hours.

This will help the exhibitors to know when they should be online to communicate with the virtual attendees.

If the attendees are online just right at that time, the opportunities for building a strong network can be possible on the virtual trade show.

Building Strong Network

Virtual trade shows bring opportunities for establishing strong networking among people besides seeking product information.

At this platform, people meet each other and share their contact information for further benefits.

Even in some trade shows the virtual show hosts arrange group discussions and chatting sessions for the attendees to build a strong business network.

Make the Show Run Longer

You can extend the life of the show even after the end of live events.

People, who may not attend live events, take interest in particular businesses and ask questions to the exhibitors.

Besides that, if you continue updating the new content, the attendees will find it interesting to visit again for those.

Also, you can promote the online environment through media marketing and emails.

If you prepare for the virtual trade fair by remembering these details, the show will surely be successful.

What are the Important things to know before organizing and attending a Virtual Trade Fair?

There is always a beginning of everything. Virtual trade fairs are not something old in the market and it is going to be trending.

Therefore, it is quite common that people will have questions regarding this.

We have tried here to answer certain common questions that trouble people about virtual trade shows-

How to host a virtual trade fair?

Virtual trade show requires lots of planning like traditional trade fairs.

Therefore, you need to check out whether you are doing the following things to host it:-

  • Decide your goals
  • Have a definite format for the show
  • Creating interactive contents
  • Pick the most suitable virtual platform to organize your event
  • Select your team with expert exhibitors, attendees, sponsors, moderators, etc.
  • Create and customize the booths of the exhibitors
  • Begin the promotion of the virtual trade fair on social media prior 6 weeks of the actual show
  • Examine your internet connection whether it is enough speedy to help you going live
  • Send thank-you emails to the attendees to stay connected with them

What are the benefits of a virtual trade show?

The advantages of virtual trade shows are huge.

These shows are quite effective to build a network and promote businesses.

To extend global reach virtual trade shows are incredible solutions.

Such shows can establish quick and fruitful communication between the exhibitors and the sponsors. 

What are the different types of virtual events?

Apart from virtual trade shows, there are lots of other virtual events that will take place in 2021 and give a boost to the businesses.

Such events are virtual conferences, virtual open houses, virtual career fairs, virtual benefits fairs, etc.


So, here you get a thorough study on the virtual trade fairs that will be prominent.

The businesses are trying hard to cope up with the tough situation of the present time and that’s why they are looking for sales and marketing strategies that can bring more businesses and profits at this adverse state. It is very important to hold the global economy so that people, around the world, don’t need to face any big loss once the COVID-19 situation is gone.

If you hold a business, you can rely on virtual trade shows to establish connections for your business.

We all need to hope for the best and try our best to hold our position in the market no matter how the situation gets worse.

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