SH-SaaS – Self Hosted Software as a Service

SH-SaaS - Self Hosted Software as a Service - RightApp4u - ERPNext, Nextcloud, Rocketchat, etc

We help you cut down technology costs, by more than 50%, by replacing SaaS with managed open source self-hosted software for your business chores related to project management, internal communication, customer support, accounting, human resources, leads management, etc.

Self-hosting means installing, running and maintaining the hardware in cloud or locally; and managing the software application therein, instead of renting this service from a SaaS (software as a service) provider.

The best example of a self hosted software is “WordPress” as it has to be hosted either in cloud or locally to serve websites. However, you can opt for SaaS offerings too such as WPEngine, etc which tend to be expensive starting from $25 USD per month whereas you can host WordPress for $4 on a droptlet from Digitalocean. Another example of SaaS for websites is Webflow which starts from $12 USD per month.

What is SHSaaS?

SHSaaS is a new term coined by us which means “Self Hosted Software as a Service” which literally means managed self-hosted software provided as a service.

What is SHSaaS’ manifesto?

The manifesto of SHSaaS is:-

  1. Must be offered as a fixed price offering per month or per year
  2. Self hosted software product must be 100% open source
  3. Installation, Devops, Server management, Product updates and upgrades, Product support, etc must be offered by the SHSaaS provider
  4. All costs related to above (point 3) must be covered within fixed price offering
  5. Data privacy must be maintained in SLA
  6. Data backups must be maintained in SLA
  7. Server security must be maintained in SLA
  8. Basic customer and technical support must be provided on email, and can be charged extra for any priority support
  9. A log and schedule of custom feature requests must be maintained and shared publicly, and custom features must be developed, released, maintained as per the schedule to be deployed for all instances. Any one-to-one customizations can be charged extra.

Is SHSaaS cost effective to me than SaaS?

If you are a one person business or a micro business with less than 5 employess or a freelancer then SHSaaS might not be a good choice for you as it will end up being more expensive than SaaS. However, if your business or company has 10 employees or more then it can be really cost-effective and will allow you to maintain critical business data privacy.

List of managed self hosted open source software we provide:-

We are constantly scouting for more 100% open source self hosted software products to offer under our SHSaaS services. The list above gets updated whenever we add any new self hosted software app in our SHSaaS kitty.

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SH-SaaS - Self Hosted Software as a Service
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