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We provide self hosted managed customer engagement software services where we deploy and manage complex software apps such as Chatwoot for you helping you save your subscription costs related to Freshdesk etc by more than 60%

Customer engagement is the process of interacting with customers through a variety of channels in order to strengthen your relationship.

For many businesses, this process begins with the first interaction and extends beyond the point of purchase.

Companies can engage with customers via social media, email, websites, community forums, or any other space where they’re communicating or consuming content.

Customer engagement is a crucial and inevitable part of post-modernist businesses. When selling a product online, you always want your customer to feel satisfied and confident with their purchases.

Creating a great product is the first step in making your customers happy, but it’s far from that.

Good customer support improves the relationship between the business and the customer by increasing customer loyalty and generating positive word-of-mouth about your business.


Chatwoot is an open-source, self-hosted customer engagement suite. Chatwoot lets you view and manage your customer data, communicate with them irrespective of which medium they use, and re-engage them based on their profile.

managed customer engagement software services - shsaas- rightapp4u - chatwoot

Chatwoot gives you all the tools to manage conversations, build relationships and delight your customers from one place.

With the omnichannel platform, Chatwoot makes it easy to communicate with your customers irrespective of where they are.

Shared Inboxes

Using Chatwoot, you can make conversation with your customers and your team just from one place.

You have access to shared inboxes (Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, etc.) depending on which social platform your business presents. And if most customers come with similar questions, you can configure saved replies by canned replies.

In addition, you can communicate private notes with your team and even tag them using the inbox feature.

Live Chat

Live chat is the preferred support channel for customers because it’s fast, efficient, and convenient.

Simply speaking, live chat helps you sell more. Chatwoot provides one of the most fantastic well-designed chat widgets you can use on your website.

Chatwoot allows business owners to integrate their live chat widget with WordPress and Shopify stores.


Where are your users coming from? Where is your presence? Twitter? Facebook? Or Whatsapp? Shared inboxes come with two goals. Primarily, it eliminates the madness of “who replied to whom” or “who did what.”

Secondly, it gives the consumer the possibility to ask for support or start a conversation, whether via email, chat, or phone. You can set up channels where all your communications with customers are stored in one place. Chatwoot supports the following channels :

  • Mail
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Website
  • Twilio
  • Whatsapp

Chatbots and Quick Integrations

Businesses that prioritize customer service bring more revenues and customer satisfaction than competitors. But how do you improve your customer support when your business grows and have more customers than your customer service team can manage?

That’s where chatbots come to help. They are built with artificial intelligence to hold real-time conversations with customers, establish brand credibility, and boost engagement. Moreover, chatbots keep bonds with visitors, even when you or your team members are at the backend or unavailable.

Chatwoot comes with integrations with Rasa or Dialogflow to reduce the workload of your agents. Chatwoot allows you to hand off conversations to humans whenever required and support rich content types like cards, form, and carousel.

Mobile Apps

Customers are essential to business, and late replies to customer inquiries can be frustrating. With your phone, while moving or even at home, you can continue conversations with your new customers and keep them happy. Chatwoot is available as a mobile app on iOS and Android OS.

Open Source

Even if it doesn’t look like a feature, it’s this characteristic that makes Chatwoot stand out in the list of customer services software. Because Chatwoot is open source, you can modify or extend the source code to fit your own needs. And if you want to go further, you can self-host it at your cost and contribute to the project.

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