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We provide managed self hosted ERP services by installing and implementing open source ERP software such as ERPNext under our SHSaaS services to help you cut down your company’s ERP software costs by more than 90%

All businesses, either big or small, need complex software systems to manage their accounting, human resources, logistics, customers, clients, employees, sales, purchases, invoices, timesheets, worksheets, reports, etc.

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is this software system which has functionality and features to manage all the above and more.

There are both commercial and open source ERP software apps available.

Oracle, SAP, and Microsoft Dynamics are the common examples of commercial ERP being used at Fortune 100 companies of the world.

ERPNext, Odoo, and ADempiere are the commonly used open source ERP systems, however, not all are 100% open source.

Which managed self hosted ERP software as a service do we provide?


ERPNext is the world’s top 100% open source ERP which supports companies operating in manufacturing, distribution, retail, trading, services, education, non profits and healthcare industries.

Managed ERPNext services - SHSaaS - Rightapp4u

ERPNext is completely (100%) open source which means all the basic and enterprise modules are open source, hence, free to customize and extend as per your requirements.

ERPNext is built on top of another 100% open source framework called Frappe written in open source computer programming language Python. As Python is being used for big data, machine language, artificial intelligence software programs thus there are plenty of Python programmers available nowadays helping you to extend ERPNext.

At Rightapp4u we have been following and customizing ERPNext since 2012. A few of our clients are

Tailorpad - Managed ERPNext services client - Rightapp4u
ASR Mettech Pvt Ltd - managed ERPNext service client - Rightapp4u
Bliss and Bloom Nigeria - managed erpnext services client - Rightapp4u
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