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We manage A to Z of your technology business or product helping you outsource to us the daily operational chores such as general business management, team building and staff augmentation, product design and engineering, software development and maintenance, devops and server management, digital and content marketing, SEO, online advertising, product marketing and online sales, etc.

What is a technology business?

Any technology based business which is:-

  • A SaaS product or business
  • A mobile app or a mobile game
  • An ecommerce business
  • An online business such as websites generate revenue from
    • Display advertising
    • Affiliate links
    • Leads generation
  • A software product built upon latest technologies such as:-
    • Blockchain
    • AI/ML
    • AR/VR
    • Big data
    • Others
  • Others

What can a technology business operator do?

As technology business owners we have tendency of loosing the big vision while operating the business and managing daily chores associated to it. Also, often as a technology business owner we are simply lost about what to do, when to do, how to do, etc, and might ask these questions to ourselves on regular basis:-

  • How to effectively manage and operate the business or product or team?
  • For how long will I be stuck in loop of hiring technology resources as people get trained and leave for bigger companies?
  • Can someone else look after the payroll for my business so I can focus on the stuff I am good at?
  • When and where to find technology professionals who are right for the job or task?
  • Which technology would be best suitable for my technology product or business?
  • Which cloud provider shall I use to host my technology product?
  • How shall I increase my presence on Google?
  • Which online advertising would give me maximum number of leads and ROA?
  • Where shall I market my product?
  • What would be my sales strategy and pricing for my prodct offerings?
  • How can I reduce my software subscription costs?
  • And many others

Rightapp4u can become your technology business operations partner as we have the capability to answer almost all the questions you have while operating your technology business.

With Rightapp4u’s technology business operations, we debunk the client-agency relationship and work with you as partners to jointly define the 18 to 24-month objectives.

We will be betting on the upside with you – a You Win, I Win situation.

The engagement contract will be structured to heavily defer fees until certain milestones are hit which means you needn’t worry about huge upfront costs until you start getting projected results.

Which services do we provide as a technology business operator?

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