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Technology Business Operator - General operations - human resources, taxation, accounting, reporting, etc - rightapp4u

We can manage and handle all general operations such as Human Resources (HR), customer support, accounting, taxation, reporting, administration, technology administration, cost management, etc. so as a technology business owner you spend your valuable time providing the big vision rather than getting your hands dirty with daily business chores.

Most of the small and online tech business owners get stuck in managing the daily business chores and slowly loose the big vision of the product or business. And due to this most of the tech products end up getting eaten out by the competitors either due to lack of innovation or by sheer boredness of the technology product owner.

I can relate to this myself personally as being a technology product owner I have been there when I was just stuck in the loop of managing daily business chores, and had to just stop offering the product as someone else came out with a better version which was out of my scope and budget.

We have built teams of remote workers who can manage your technology business’ daily chores such as:-

  • Human Resources
    • Payroll management
    • Leave management
    • Spend management
    • Hiring and Training
  • Accounting
    • Managing journal and ledger enteries
    • Preparing accounting reports
  • Legal and Taxation
    • Filing tax reports
  • Customer Support
    • Live chat
    • E-mailing
    • Phone
  • Scheduling
    • Managing calendars, events, etc
  • Logistics and Couriers
    • Managing couriers
    • Managing logistics in case of e-commerce businesses
  • Reporting
  • Administration (Preparing documents, presentations, sheers, etc.)
  • Technology Administration (Managing user accounts, servers, etc.)
  • Others
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