Top 10 Websites for FREE Online Streaming of Live Sports [2022]

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Last Updated on December 27, 2021.

If you are a sports enthusiast then we are here to help you watch your favorite sports for FREE, on free online streaming websites for live sports, without having to pay any amount for them.

Yes, sounds like a dream but it’s true you must be aware of the free online streaming websites for live sports but sometimes it’s just hard to find that it is actually not going to cost anything instead of clickbait or having ads in face of you while you are trying to watch your absolute favorite sport, be it football, baseball, basketball or any other sports these websites stream online for FREE.

Best websites for free online streaming of live sports

Thank god that the world of sports isn’t restricted to be enjoyed only by the people who are present on the ground it is getting played on.

Nowadays, with mobile phones in our hands, we can enjoy our favorite sports live online and that too for free using FREE online streaming websites for live sports.

Further to your convenience, we have combined a list of 10 best free online streaming websites for live sports for you to enjoy your favorite sport from the comfort of your home.

Though make sure you are using VPN as most of the live streaming of sports of having geographical limitations that you can bypass once you are using a strong VPN service. Let’s look into the best free online live sports streaming websites:- - FREE Online Streaming website of Live Sports is the best website for FREE online streaming of live sports, it is known for providing the finest and most enjoyable experience to its web visitors.

Once you will visit the website you can see for yourself how attractive and well-curated everything is on their page from upcoming live streaming sports schedule to various other information the one may need.

The links on the website to upcoming matches are regularly updated even the ads that are there are not that much or like other websites right in your face.

You can actually enjoy the best live sports free online streaming without getting much bothered by the ads on CricFree.

Hotstar India

Top 10 Websites for FREE Online Streaming of Live Sports [2022] Disney Hotstar

Though there are different versions of Hotstar, however, the best and most suited for online sports streaming is Hotstar India as the website is originally from India and has the best content of all kinds of sports.

Though there is a slight bit problem you can only connect to Hotstar India if you are from India, however, that’s what VPN’s are there for you can bypass the geographic limitation using a VPN and enjoy the best live streaming of your favorite sport.

Top 10 Websites for FREE Online Streaming of Live Sports [2022] MyP2P 1400x740 1

It was earlier used as a blogging space only but the website has grown a lot and has turned into a full-fledged entertainment space having all the different types of FREE online streaming of entertainment programs and of live sports are amongst the most famous ones.

The website is most suited for all the cricket and football lovers you can find literally each and every football and cricket match on their website that’s why it is also considered as one of the best for free online streaming of live football matches worldwide.

You name the sport and this website has it all from baseball, football, American football, ice hockey, and a lot more.

This website, ReadStream, is so put together and user-friendly that once you visit it you can get all the information related to a) what time the upcoming match is at, and b) how many sport matches are getting broadcasted currently on live media.

The website is highly popular and has huge following making it one of the best free online streaming websites for live sports.

Top 10 Websites for FREE Online Streaming of Live Sports [2022] Batmanstream – Live Streaming Online 2019

This had to be on the list of top free online streaming websites of live sports as it is one of the most popular websites that receives the highest amount of traffic on a regular basis.

Batmanstream is the only service that can help you watch any sport that you want they do not exclusively focus on one they are will provide live streaming of literally all the sports.

The website is well-curated considering the needs of all the visitors that’s why you will see all the sports are categorized and you can search also for any particular league, tournament, or even sport.


Top 10 Websites for FREE Online Streaming of Live Sports [2022] CricHD 1280x720 1

CricHD is the jack of all sports though the name can mislead you a little into thinking the content is exclusively focused on cricket but that not the case you can find a live stream of all the different sports, in fact, it is one of the best soccer streaming websites along with other sports.

Top 10 Websites for FREE Online Streaming of Live Sports [2022] stream2watch

Stream2Watch is known for providing some of the best live streaming sports services mainly focusing on football. Basketball, baseball, hockey, soccer, and tennis along with others. The website claims that all of their content is fully legal though it up for debate.

Top 10 Websites for FREE Online Streaming of Live Sports [2022] livetv 18183 5 is one of the best free online live streaming sport websites in Europe.

The website is well-curated and designed in a way that is user friendly having all the information regarding upcoming live streaming of matches organised an put on the website accordingly. It has pretty unique content and even sports events that you won’t find on other websites.

Top 10 Websites for FREE Online Streaming of Live Sports [2022] fromhot sports streaming sites

FromHots has it all you can find almost all the sports live streaming on this website. No matter what your favorite sport is or how rarely you find live streaming they have it all, you just got to look and you will find your favorite sport there.

Top 10 Websites for FREE Online Streaming of Live Sports [2022] Vipbox

FREE Online streaming of live sports website come and go but VIPbox is the only one that is standing firm on its ground.

Once new websites come into the market the old ones lose their touch but not with as it has been attracting new visitors regularly to its online live streaming of different sports.


There are quite a lot of FREE online live sports streaming websites that are available out there but the top 10 above which we have listed are the absolute best amongst them.

These websites have the most amount of sports live streaming online along with well-articulated content that is user friendly even the ads on them are not that persistent compared to others.

So, if you are a sports enthusiast then you have got all you need to watch your favourite game with these top 10 best online live streaming websites.

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