Why Atlas VPN is the best among its creed?

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Last Updated on April 7, 2022.

Atlas VPN for PC is really a savior if you like browsing websites being served only for a particular country or location.

Well, you will say all VPNs provide the same features then why Atlas VPN is the best? Right? For starters, if you are looking for a FREE VPN service and just access a couple of locations then ATlas VPN is best for you as it provides:-

For example – Just today, I wanted to play the Bingo90 game on my PC and was searching for nice lottery-based mobile games for PC and came across Tombola which is available only if you are browsing the internet from the UK.

Atlas VPN was launched in January 2020, however, it has made a name for itself because of its features and benefits. It offers access to 3 locations for FREE. What’s more, it offers a superior rendition aka UI.

The contrast between these adaptations is that Premium gives you admittance to quicker workers and workers that have been upgraded for streaming.

With the Premium adaptation, you can likewise browse 750 servers at 20 locations rather than 3 and advantage from greater security highlights.

Atlas VPN has a considerable amount of contests since there are numerous other FREE VPNs out there.

All things considered, its administration looks encouraging. It offers programs for cell phones, tablets, and work area gadgets supporting Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows.

From the outset, Atlas VPN logged a ton of individual client data, including your IP addresses. In spite of the fact that it at this point doesn’t save your IP address, it does in any case log different pieces of data.

This is essential client information needed for the application to work appropriately. Atlas VPN can’t recognize the client or what he does while associated with the workers.

What are the 3 best features that justify why Atlas VPN is the best?

Speed – How quick is Atlas VPN?

The speed of a VPN is vital.

It tends to be disappointing to work with a VPN that hinders your web association.

No one needs to sit and sit tight for a buffering Netflix show, moderate downloads, and programs that take ages to stack a website page.

That is the reason each VPN we audit is widely tried for its speed. Atlas VPN was scrutinized also.

Wellbeing – How secure is Atlas VPN?

The main part of each VPN is its security.

Your information traffic will just stay stowed away from spectators insofar as you’re utilizing the right encryption and conventions.

Without an appropriate logging strategy, a supplier can see all that you do on the web.

In such cases, you don’t have ensured namelessness and online insurance.

That is the reason this segment of our survey will zero in on the security of Atlas VPN.

We investigate the conventions it utilizes, just as its logging strategy, the alternative to actuate an off button, and the information the organization request that you share with them.


In the FAQ we discovered that Atlas VPN utilizes AES-256 bit encryption, which is an assurance at the military level and is utilized by numerous other VPN suppliers. They likewise use SSL/TLS encryption for information moves.

Now Atlas VPN just uses IKEv2 as its VPN convention. This convention is generally quick and safe, yet at the same time, Atlas VPN is anticipating utilizing different conventions later on also.

Premium Subscription – What does it include?

The premium subscription of Atlas VPN includes:-

  • Connect to 750+ servers worldwide
  • Optimized for streaming
  • Unlimited number of devices
  • Block trackers and ads
  • 24/7 Support
  • Data leak protection
  • Military-grade encryption

Frequently Asked Questions – Why Atlas VPN is best?

How fast is Atlas VPN for PC?

As far as I have tested Atlas VPN, its FREE version offers good enough speed than Windscribe VPN for PC, which tends to lag after a few minutes of usage.

I assume Atlas VPN for PC is fast because of the underlying WireGuard Protocol. If you want to check out the speed test results then I liked the results on this page here.

Is Atlas VPN for PC FREE?

Yes, Atlas VPN provides a FREE version that allows you to access any 3 locations on your multiple devices without any speed limitations.

What do you say? Doesn’t this make Atlas VPN the best among many other VPN services available out there? It might be a personal opinion.

Is Atlas VPN available for Linux?

No, Atlas VPN is available only for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. I personally use Windscribe VPN for PC on my Linux machine which I am using right now to write this blog.

I am a co-founder of RightApp4u which provides genuine and unbiased reviews of mobile apps, such as VPNs, etc, and mobile games for installing and running on Windows PC, Mac, and Linux using emulators such as Bluestacks 4, Nox Player, PhoenixOS, KoPlayer, Genymotion, Anbox, etc.

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